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Until Steve Jobs came back, Apple could design a mouse. After that, form over function, and they suck.
Until Steve Jobs came back, Apple could design a mouse. After that, form over function, and they suck. The USB Mouse (Hockey Puck), the Apple Pro Mouse, and the Magic Mouse all suck. Hard! I use a Microsoft Mouse, because even though Microsoft is mediocre at design, they're still better than Apple on Mice.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-10-05 

The keys to a good mouse include:

  • A nice hand feel (rounded edged, comfortable to rest on)
  • Texture, so they don't slip
  • Affordances so you know without looking at it, which way to hold it
  • Controls/feedback -- positive click, maybe a wheel, stuff with tactile feedback

Apple's first few mice had that (like the Mac Mouse). It was a little box with a button. Good enough. It worked, and they really put function over form. They worked on mechanics, reliability, and feel -- and they outperformed anyone's mice.

Then Steve Jobs came back, and NeXT designers took over. And after that, Apple blows it on all the basic requirements. But they look purty. But it's like which tractor wins the beauty contest. I don't want something that looks sexy, if it can't do work. It's a blob on the desk -- that should feel good -- and that's too much for Apple designers since ≈1998.

Apple Disasters[edit | edit source]

Not one of them is worth owning.

Steve and NeXT did a lot good for Apple. But we did take a lot of steps back in human factors and User Interface design. (Usually putting graphic design and style over utilitarian functionality). So Apple can design computers and computers... but keyboards and mice? Those seem to be the second string teams at Apple, that often fuck it up.


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