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Places to go, things to see, people to do... not necessarily in that order.

Commentary and observations on various places (and subcultures) and consequences of those subcultures. That which makes us different also provides leaning opportunities: both good and "how not to". Not that I begrudge them being who they are. But I can observe why I don't want us to be like them, at the same time.

Places • [36 items]

Places • [36 items]

  • Australia - Started as a penal colony, Oz (Australia) is a wonderful place, with wonderful people, and flora and fauna that all wants to kill you. Like Canada, they are far to the left of America: which means they don't REALLY understand what made America great, and they have a populous that thinks collectivism will lead to utopia.
  • Baltimore - Baltimore is another far left city, that acts like intolerant idiots, while mismanaging their city into a corrupt shithole country.
  • Berkeley - You are what you do, and when you assault people because you don't like what they think or say, your actions are intolerant. Berkeley stands for riots and antifa attacks on free speech. When actions and deed conflict, trust the deed.
  • Berlin Wall - The NYT does historical gymnastics to give credit to "Tearing down that wall" to not Reagan, for calling for it, making the USSR bankrupt themselves keeping up with his military spending, and being a beacon of freedom. They spin history to give credit to a clerical mistake of Günter Schabowski.
  • California - The land of intolerance, hypocrisy, and progressivism... but I repeat myself. This article lists some examples of the intolerance, incompetence, and progressivism that have come to exemplify the Golden State. NOTE: While the Golden State once referred to the color of the dried grass hills so common in California, it now refers to the vagrant urine-covered streets of San Francisco or L.A.
  • Canada - Canada is a little British Colony without the wisdom (or desire for freedom) to revolt. Canadians are mostly nice, often funny, and they can rule their little Socialist utopia how they see fit. I do like them. But from a freedom-loving American's PoV, it's like a suburb of Seattle, slowly devolving into Shanghai's puppet of the Great White North, eh.
  • China - Articles that touch on some of the complexities of China. Of course China is a complex country, with rich culture and over 1B people. So there are few truisms or observations that apply to everywhere and everywhen.
  • China Privacy - China doesn't believe that individuals matter: they care about the collective. That means that individual privacy is not something they even fathom. Why wouldn't you spy on your neighbor? If the state's objective is to protect the state, than places that don't use the Internet to protect the state are stupid and going to be darwin'ed out of the gene pool someday. And China is patient.
  • Comparisons - Trying to compare across countries is difficult. Here's some efforts to clean up the mess.
  • Cozumel, Mexico - The best family vacation, ever. Family vacation trips can be stressful. My recent vacation exemplifies a "typical" family vacation for me; and people wonder why I'm a home body? Seriously, I had a good time, but was wrecked after I got back. And this remains the best family vacation we ever took.
  • Cuba - Cuba was a once beautiful and developing country, until they were taken over by Marxist. First Batista rose to power promising progressive reforms. Then a more capitalist Socarrás caused an economic boom... until Batista decided to fix it with a Coup, and outlawed Communism as a threat. But Castro (Communist) took over anyways. Choosing Marxism, destroyed Cuban economy.
  • Denmark - There's something rotten in Denmark, at least if all the rumors and plays are to be believed.
  • EU - Europeans don't usually understand the U.S., or what made us successful. They think they do because they watch Hollywood's version of America, as seen through their Eurocentric eyes -- but that's like asking Democrats about what motivates Republicans: the answers are usually garbage. That's why the French Revolution was such a failure, and the EU is so often wrong.
  • Finland - Finland is often held up as part of the Scandavian Miracle : the false trope that things are great in Nordic countries because they have great social programs. When anyone who looks deeper than the surface learns (a) they are not socialists (b) there are many problems and failures that make them more a model of "How not to", than "How to".
  • France - Articles about France, a country with one of the richest histories in a world. While much of it is a "how not to", they also have a class, style, and culture that is unique, arrogant, and stylish. Many things I write on are the lesser known and less complimentary. That's not out of malice, but I find the more arcane more interesting, even when it's not flattering.
  • Germany - I have nothing against Germany. In fact, I have a lot of family there, and it's one of the nicest countries I've visited: the trains run mostly on-time, they have a nicer quality of life, and better services than many countries in the world. But there are negatives too: a collectivist culture, bureaucratic, too many rules and too much intolerance. I write more about the other stuff.
  • Guns don't kill people: Democrats kill people - ≈80%+ of murders (and crime) is by democrats (usually black/latinos in gangs). If you filter them out, America has a lower white murder rate than virtually all of Europe. We don't need Gun Control, we need Democrat control.
  • Hawaii - These are articles about Hawaii
  • Hollywood - While on his Honeymoon, H. J. Whitley was founding a town from acrage he bought from the E.C. Hurd ranch. When a local Chinese immigrant in a wagon was asked what he was doing, he replied "I holly-wood"... meaning 'hauling wood.' And Whitley decided to name his new town Hollywood.
  • India - Articles about India, a country with a rich history that many people know far less about than they think they do.
  • Iran - I have family in Iran, an Iranian Birth Certificate, and it's where much of my family comes from. This is a collection of stories about Iran from an Iranian American.
  • Iraq - Republic of Iraq, in Western Asia, borders Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Syria.
  • Iraq War - Disagree with American policy or bumbling implementations of that policy. Be anti-war or not. The U.S. may be wrong, you may legitimately disagree with a policy, but you have to be able to accept the facts of what we did, why we did it, and realistically accept uncomfortable truths or complexities that you might not like. Don't tolerate disinformation or slogans.
  • Israel - Here's a few articles about Jews, Israel, Zionism/anti-Zionism, and a bit of anti-semitism throw in. While Israel is flawed place, that is often persecuted unfairly for self defense. It's just the least flawed, with the most democracy, liberty and civil rights of any country in the Middle East... even if you're a Muslim.
  • Italy - I have nothing against Italy. In fact, I have a lot of family there, and it's got great people and culture. But they believed in centralized government, and the wisdom of the masses, and the state over the individual: and the results was a slow decay in malaise, that the individuals all admit is stifling, but none will question their prime assumptions enough to fix.
  • Japan - As I studied Martial Arts for decades, I studied Japan and Japanese Culture. Beautiful and tragic at the same time. There are things I love about the culture, and I would NEVER want to be Japanese or live there. But there's a lot to learn from them. So how to, some how not to.
  • Los Angeles - L.A. is a poorly run city, and it's controlled by the far left. The reasonable infer that correlation might have some causation. The idiots in the PRC (People's Republic of California) and L.A., can not. Time to put a wall around it, and write it off from being part of America.
  • New Zealand - An Island Counrty in the South Pacific, once known for Libertarian freedoms, is now known for totalitarian lockdowns.
  • Russia - Russia, our friendly comrades that hate us for our power, freedom, and annoying ability to stick our noses in all kinds of shit... and screw it up. That doesn't make them good guys, they are worse.
  • San Jose - San Jose is the heart of woke bigotry, wrapped in a complete lack of self-awareness, wallowing in a State run by the worst of the same. Shame, while many great refugees have fled, there are still many good people left behind. Hopefully the last of them will take the American Flag with them when they leave.
  • Shitholegate - Democrats were outraged that Trump used the term "Shithole" to refer to a few countries, that are shitholes, while in the immigration debate. They hypocritically made a stink about it for many days. They wanted to distract or pretend "Orangeman is BAD!", but it just proved to many the media suffers from TDS (Trump Derrangment Syndrome).
  • United Kingdom - A list of thing about the UK. Some good, some bad. OK... mostly bad.
  • United States of America - Articles about the USA, an Exceptional country with a rich and diverse history, places and cultures that many people know far less about than they think they do. Many Canadians, Europeans and other Marxists, think America is just a super-power, big because we were lucky. But they miss what made American Greatness what it is, and don't understand what exceptionalism means.
  • Venezuela - Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) was everything that Hollywood, Michael Moore, Sean Penn and other limousine Socialists wanted: they nationalized the oil, redistributed the wealth, created education and social programs... until the wealth ran out. Then Venezuela went from a capital of growth and industry, to a collapsed country with rampant poverty, crime and refugees.
  • Vietnam - As an American, Vietnam is usually talking about the war. And you can't talk about Vietnam war without talking about what lead up to the war, why it was fought, who won (and lost) the war), what were the consequences, and a lot of messiness around intentions and outcomes. This covers all of those topics.
  • Why we fought the Vietnam War - I'm not pro war, nor pro Vietnam war. But if we want to learn and grow we have to accept consequences of action or inaction. This article covers the tradeoffs for the Vietnam War. At least what lead up to Kent State, which is where the view of the war turned for American, internally/politically.


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