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Created :  2018-12-10
Guns are a tool. Gun prohibition is like the prohibition on drugs, alcohol or crime.

Guns are a tool. Reasonable gun-control is an oxymoron: it begs the question by assuming that gun control is the answer (and won't be abused) and that politicians are the best ones to decide the limits of our liberties. I ask, "why do you think a gun prohibition will work better than drugs, alcohol or the prohibition on murder?

The smartest Gun-Controllers in the room, can't explain a gun's basic operation, and don't know what a gun is (thinking it is a murder-machine), or if you ask them "What is an assault rifle?", most can't explain that is just cosmetic accessories on a low powered hunting rifle. They demonstrate the Dunning-Kruger (or the Beginner-Expert phenomenon), simultaneously knowing nothing, and getting mad at experts for contradicting them.

Gun-controllers (not all, but most) think things like:

So irrational hopolophobics (gun phobics) aren't informed, don't accept corrections, and use the same fear-based reasoning that causes arachnophobics to scream like a little-girl and feint at the site of spiders: it's all fear-based reasoning, as proven by:

Of course the reasonable know that laws can turn regular people into felons, but they can’t turn felons into regular people.

The question I ask is, "Do you think career politicians really don't know anything about guns or how to get laws passed -- or that they know better, and will stand on the graves of our children to get votes/money/power?" I suspect they aren't as dumb as they act, and they know better -- but they know that if they pass effective security improvements, then their best attention and campaign issue evaporates. Since they know this wouldn't be popular, they blame the other side for exactly what they're doing (commit the Big Lie™).



Guns, Basics • [10 items]

AR-15 Bullets
FakeNews/idiots claim that the AR-15 bullets (the .223) are uniquely deadly. That they can do things like enter one place, and spin inside you body and exit somewhere else. The truth is the .223 is weaker than most varmit rounds, and it's advantages were weight (carry more rounds), not firepower. But anti-gunners and media without fact checkers won't tell you that.
Defensive Gun Use
Best estimates are that guns are used in ≈9,000 murders per year but they're used about 2.2 million times a year to stop a crime or save a list. That means if you outlawed all guns (and you're naive enough to think that would stop 9,000 murders), you'd probably increase crime by a couple million more cases a year?
Discussion with a Gun-Controller
Quote (89667) - The Noun Project.svg
Almost every discussion with a gun-controller looks the same. This is a paraphrased version of that thread.
Do something
After every mass shooting (especially School shootings), there's the hue and cry from the left, "this happened again, we have to do something!" What they usually want to do is institute marxism/tyranny, because that's what they wanted before there was a shooting. Thus the shooting is just another excuse to get them what they wanted all along.
Gun Controllers
This is a short list of some of the "smartest Gun-Controllers in the room". This isn't just "gotcha" type mistakes, but fundamental failures to understand the basics of what they're talking about. I've been looking for a gun-controller that could talk about the basic parts and operation without sounding like an idiot and I have yet to find one, but I'm only 58 years old.
Guns and Igno-arrogance
Really dumb smart people are folks that are good and one thing (software, science, accademia...) and think that being a domain expert in one area, translates to things they know nothing about (politics, the real world, etc). Then they are particulary arrogant because they know how smart they are. So they can't fathom they are out of their depth.
Knife Control
While I wish it was a joke, California, UK and Oz (Australia) all have "knife control" to keep the public from having pointy things. Since banning some guns didn't work, they banned more guns. When they ran out of guns to ban, and stabbings went through the roof, they had to ban pointy sticks. Never mind that criminals ignore laws, so the laws only punishing the innocent.
What is a gun?
A gun is just a tool. A tool is just a device used to aid in work. At the mechanical level, this tool throws small rocks (called bullets) very quickly. So it is nothing more than a gas-powered slingshot. Hating a slingshot, or people that want to own them, is not rational (e.g. it's emotional). Which is why it's so hard to reason with people that want to hate a tool.
What is an assault rifle?
Assault rifle is fully automatic close quarters military weapon (one squeeze of the trigger fires multiple bullets). Assault Weapon was invented in 1988 for a black scary looking gun, and to confuse rubes into thinking civilians had assault rifles. Both used smaller/lower powered cartriges (to carry more), and were compact for easy use.
Who needs an AR15?
Asking "who needs an AR15?" is like asking "who needs free speech?". Why do you need your 1st, 4th or 14th amendment rights? If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't need a right to privacy, and if you aren't saying anything wrong, then guaranteeing free speech is redundant.


I think comparisons across countries (and cultures) are stupid: they are almost never done to increase insights, but to mislead the gullible for an agenda.

  • Countries account differently (like the UK only counts homicide when someone has been charged), we have different cultures, policing and racial breakdowns -- which completely changes the outcomes. Would you rather be burned to death in one Australia's murder-by-fire events, or run over by a truck in France?
  • Many countries with gun control have much higher violent crime, or their trends are worse than our trends, is that really a win?
  • Once you start normalizing for race/culture, you get some shocking discoveries, like the U.S. has a lower white murder rate than many places like the U.K. If guns cause crime, then why doesn't it cause more white crime? If gun control stops crime/violence, why doesn't it stop it in African or South American countries?
    • Over 3/4ths of America's gun violence seems to be focused around immigration or turf problems with Gangs in our Democrat-controlled inner-cities, which have strict gun controls. Why are Democrats 4x more likely to commit murder with lower gun ownership that Republicans?

If you truly care about the lives being lost, you'd dig for the answer to these questions. Most Democrats just call people names (like racist) and run-away from anything that might actually help or save lives. And they get outraged at science/facts that show that gun-control hasn't worked, or that many of America's problems comes from cultural conflict (due to our higher rates of diversity and immigration). Guns, Comparisons • [4 items]

There’s a popular fraud that since Oz (Australia) enacted their Gun confiscation program, that things magically got much better there. This is usually done with very selective editing of the “facts”. The reality is that murders didn't go down by as much as the U.S. over the same time (while loosening gun laws), and illegal guns and gun crimes went up.
Canada was passing gun control in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and their gun murders continued to climb. Then in the 80s, 90s and 2000's they dropped (never to pre-gun control levels) -- and they only dropped at about the same rate that the U.S. did... during the same time the U.S. was repealing gun control laws (including assault weapon bans). If you can have the same result without taking away liberty, I'd opt for that.
There’s this common meme that the U.S. is so much worse than the U.K. in murders or crime, so I wanted to collect a lot of facts in one place.
When you compare the U.S. to the world in Crime/Murder rates, the data is quite different than what the left will tell you. And the more you know, the more you will recognize that the left doesn't want to save lives or make us safer, they want to lie to get thier agenda, and the U.S. crime/murder rates is just another tool for them to mislead people on.


Guns, Experiences||GunExperiences • [6 items]

Air Rifles
There's this common myth that Air Rifles ("BB Guns" or "Pellet Guns") are toys, however, while they don't have quite the velocity of our top of the line modern rifles, they easily exceed black powder rifles that brought down buffalo and won the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. People hunt Buffalo and Elk with them, and they have no problem going through humans.
Getting my CCW
The other day, I went and got my CCW (License To Carry a Concealed Weapon). Well, technically, I took the class to get my CCW, and have filled out my forms (it'll be a couple months before I get them back). It was an experience that I figured I'd share.
Loading a gun with a broken arm
Besides a Ruger .22 that I had (and a rifle or two), I decided that my first gun should be a hand-cannon: the Desert Eagle .357 magnum Semi-Automatic. (They didn't yet make the .44 or .50). When I broke my arm, I needed it chambered, and I couldn't use my arm. Pinching it between your legs and pulling turned out to be a very strong life lesson on "what not to do".
Pulling a gun
These are the stories of my experiences pulling a gun to stop crimes, and how it differs from the stereotypes. In my life, I have personally used a gun to end an altercation three times. A rape, an armed car robbery, and a drug dealer or pederast trying to pedal something on a not so helpless young lad. Overstated examples that guns doing more good than harm.
Rape is not OK (1980)
While hunting in the woods where I grew up (rural Orange County). I heard some screaming altercation, and when I investigated, a guy had torn the top off a struggling woman and was progressing towards rape, when I said in my outdoor voice, "is there a problem here?!" He saw the rifle, and decided that it was time for him to leave the scene.
What’s shooting like?
This is a story of what shooting is like for me, and how it differs from the stereotypes. The plural of anecdote is not data... but lies of omission, are lies. The media bombards us with selective anecdotes about how guns ruined lives, but almost never about the many, many more times a year they are just used for protection, hobby or sport. This is just some of those.


Gun Laws[edit | edit source]

Guns,  Laws • [8 items]

2nd Amendment was for muskets
A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed ~ 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights. Well regulated means, "in working order". Militia means "all able body males". And the National guard wasn't created until 1903 - so was not vaguely what the founders were referring to.
Illinois SB0173
A good gun law? I'm pleasantly surprised. This law requires mandatory firearm knowledge before legislators can introduce firearm related legislation. What a novel idea!
Just Ban Assault Rifles
Anyone that says any variant of "Just ban assault rifles", "no one should own military grade weapons", or "it's not all guns, just these killing machines" shows they are completely ignorant about guns, assault rifles, or bans. (Not to mention the constitution). This article breaks down why you can't ban "Assault Rifles", and why it would be moronic to try.
Microstamping was a moronic attempt to outlaw guns, with no positive upside. California figures if you can't outlaw something, you can still put impossible regulations on it to illegally achieve the same ends: enter micro-stamping. It was blocked because it couldn't be done, and wouldn't work if it could. But the idiot-left still tried. Proving their unreasonableness.
No Fly Lists for gun owners
The left demands that we close the “insane” loophole that allows people on the No Fly List to buy guns. And goes so far as to call it “insane” that we allow it. The problem is that the error rate on that list is high, and there's never been a mass shooter on the list.
Reasonable Gun Laws
Noun Justice 2332579.svg
There’s an oft repeated fallacy that “all we want it a few more ‘reasonable’ gun laws” but (insert either the NRA, evil republicans, gun-nuts), won’t be reasonable. So let's talk about "what's reasonable", and explain some of the complexities that the reasonable laws on the books already look like, to understand why some are so hesitant to ask for more.
Red Flag Laws
Red Flag laws sound reasonable (flag people that are threats, and take their guns away temporarily), but they aren't implemented that way. Everywhere it's been tried, it's been abused and gotten people killed. If you can't implement it in a way where it wouldn't be abused by other individuals or government, then how is it reasonable?
Rifle, Pistol or SBR
There’s a fallacy that “all we want is ‘reasonable’ gun laws”, then we look at the 20,000 gun laws and find few that work. An SBR (Short Barrelled Rifle) is considered more dangerous than a pistol or a rifle, and a felony to own, unless you pay $200 for a Tax Stamp, then it's safe again. Is that reasonable?


Guns, Media • [6 items]

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
The GLCTPGV is part of the far-left disinformation campaign to dupe the gullible rubes. They either know nothing about the topic of guns, or are flamingly dishonest, sometimes both. This article explains how.
Gun Controllers
This is a short list of some of the "smartest Gun-Controllers in the room". This isn't just "gotcha" type mistakes, but fundamental failures to understand the basics of what they're talking about. I've been looking for a gun-controller that could talk about the basic parts and operation without sounding like an idiot and I have yet to find one, but I'm only 58 years old.
Obama fact-check on Guns
Gun Advocates know guns, shooting defense, and the 2A... and they can smell people who don't, and are trying to take their liberty/hobby away. Obama reeks of cow manure mixed with ignorance. He clearly knows nothing about guns, shooting, or shooters. But he obviously doesn't like liberty, freedom and the American way. So he hates guns, shooters and the 2A.
San Bernardino: Mass Shooting Recap
The majority of our murders are gang related (democrats killing democrats), so Democrats hype mass murders. Here's a timeline of what's going on, the omitted context of various shootings and what the press/left leaves out.
Steve Elliott hates tools
If this guy’s story is real (and he uses a few too many loaded terms for that to be guaranteed), all we learned is that some idiot made a symbolic gesture to get attention, and destroyed a useful tool (a few hundred dollar gun), to impress his anti-liberty / anti-responsibility friends.
USA Today
USAToday has a long history of dumb, and they should have been renamed USSA (United Socialist States of America) because that seems to be their bend/lean. But here's an example of their dumb.


🔫 Gun History This is a little background on the History of Guns, Gun Laws, and things of that nature. Guns, History • [6 items]

2016.10.02 Molon Labe
NPR pretentiously tries to mock the 2nd Amendment folks, and makes fools of themselves (on our tax dollar). Again.
2nd Amendment was for muskets
...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed ~ 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights
Defensive Gun Use
(DGU) is many times guns are used for good (to stop a crime, or for "defense") as opposed to doing harm.
Discussion with a Gun-Controller
Almost every discussion with a gun-controller looks the same. This is a paraphrased version of that thread.
Good guys with guns
The news never likes to talk about GGWG's (Good Guys with Guns), and the many lives saved/crimes stopped each year.
Gun Quotes
Here are my favorite gun quotes.

Incivility[edit | edit source]


Always - Gun Control - the left believe guns cause people to kill other people. Informed people recognize that individuals do that (and Democrats abuse guns more than Republicans). But because the left believes in their silliness, they believe anything they do is justified to end murder: lying, cheating, distorting, and certainly insulting and attacking anyone that disagrees with them, in the media. It's not just a disagreement, it's life or death. This divisive tribalism and self-righteousness, not only lowers the tone, it increases violence.


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