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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
Created :  2021-06-25
This is the root of the help pages. These vary from simple to detailed programming

Help is where I document what I do, and I'm often referencing it -- so there's no shame in using this, though my goal is to make it easy enough for users that they never need to go here. But for editors, developers, and for myself? I need to keep references and documentation.

🗒️ NOTE:
"Wikiwiki" is Hawaiian for "quickly", and that's where Wikipedia got it's name.
This name became a bit ironic over time:
  • From a user PoV (point of view) Wikipedia is fast enough
  • From a programming/operations point of view, while the engine is incredibly powerful and versatile, it is actually quite resource intensive and not considered "fast".
It is only made fast through scale (lots of machines serving different pages) and "caching", and not because of underlying design efficiency.

This is an list of various articles/links that help with the writing, editing, administration (or creation) of this Web Application.

Help:Porting[edit source]

           Main article: Help:Porting
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List of articles (videos) on porting from old iGeek to new iGeek:

Help:Programming[edit source]

           Main article: Help:Programming

Here is a bunch of examples of how to do the Programming in this site:

Help:Setup[edit source]

           Main article: Help:Setup

List of Extensions, Configurations, and features that need to be installed/configured to create this site.

TBD[edit source]

           Main article: TBD
List all the articles that have work to be done on them:

Template:Table[edit source]

           Main article: Template:Table


  • {{Show Table/3Col|[[Category:Political Spectrum]]|Title=[[Political Spectrum]]}}

Table/2Col[edit source]

Left Header Right Header
Left Side Right Side

Table/3Col[edit source]

Left Header Center Header Right Header
Left Side Center Right Side


🔗 More[edit source]

Main Page
The root of all evil... and the home page for this website.

[[Category:Main Page]]
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