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Articles :  1977 Soccer Camp
Coral Reefs
Brunswick, Ga (1915)
AR-15 Bullets
10 Books that Screwed Up the World
Smoking on a plane
1974 🌿 Marijuana
1978 🚘 Objects in the sideview mirror
Reviews :  10 Books that Screwed Up the World
10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
Tik Tok
What is a Woman?
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1977 Soccer Camp
I did a soccer camp in the summer of '77. My parents tried to get me away for summers, weekends, and whenever they could. (I sometimes had that effect on people). But I had a great time, made friends, memories. And one of the last summers I had without a job.
Coral Reefs
Coral Bleaching.jpg
The Coral Reefs are dying, and it must be due to Global Warming. End of days are upon us, the only cure is Socialism. Then when we find they're recovering and this is a natural cycle, media silence. The reefs have likely come and gone since the earth had 20x the CO2 that it does today, and was much warmer (or cooler). The planet is not balanced on a razorblade.
Brunswick, Ga (1915)
To show this is nothing new. Monroe Phillips killed 5-7 and wounded 20-32 (Newspaper accounts vary widely) with a shotgun before a local man grabbed a gun from a local hardware store and shot Monroe dead, ending the spree.
AR-15 Bullets
FakeNews/idiots claim that the AR-15 bullets (the .223) are uniquely deadly. That they can do things like enter one place, and spin inside you body and exit somewhere else. The truth is the .223 is weaker than most varmit rounds, and it's advantages were weight (carry more rounds), not firepower. But anti-gunners and media without fact checkers won't tell you that.

10 Books that Screwed Up the World
This discusses the origins of the failed philosophies that influenced the far left.
Smoking on a plane
Flying back to O.C. from a semester at an Illinois College in 1982 (though NYC), I got lit on a 747.
1974 🌿 Marijuana
I was an experimental kid, one of my early discoveries was the joy of the marijuana.
1978 🚘 Objects in the sideview mirror
I was 14 the first time I was hit by a car. I was riding along in the bike lane when a trucks mirror took me out.
1978 Cinedome Theaters
I did a summer job I did was at the local movie theaters; the Orange Cinedome.
1978 Backpacking goes bad
After 4 weeks in the Sierra's "camping" now means no room service.
2016.11.10 Grubhub CEO Trump supporters should resign
Hillary supporter Matt Maloney penned nastygram to all employees saying Trumpers should resign.
2016 Cover Bias
Time Magazine has a proud history of demonstrating bias in photojournalism (covers)
1976 Ridgeline Country Club
Ridgeline Country Club - I was a caddy, sous-chef, dish-washer, bus boy, gopher for the local posh country club.
1976 Carter Russian Collusion
During the 1976 election, the Soviets suggested, "they could... affect the outcome of the election so as to favor Carter."
1938 Hitler: Time Man of the Year
"Man of the Year" isn't always a good thing, the truth is that Time was sometimes fawning and positive about Hitler.
Election 2020 - Quotes
Some people sum up problems in a few words.
Election 2020 - Not Voter Fraud
Not everything that looks like voter fraud is voter fraud.
Election 2020 - Biden
Biden just called the Presidents family and demanded he concede the election. Unfortunately he called the Reagan family.
2020 Vindication
If you believed you won fairly, and people doubted, you'd *DEMAND* a recount and vindication, not hide from it.
Election 2020 - Voter Fraud
This is a list of some of the questionable things going on with the 2020 Election vote.
2020 Polls disasterously wrong
I was right that the polls were going to be wrong. They were off by over 17 points in many cases.
2020 Outcomes
The other side will react based on their beliefs, not yours.
2020 Biden Win Upsides
Trump won, but I'm calling it for Biden/Harris. Trump didn't win by enough that the left won't steal the election...
Bernie isn't a socialist
Bernie Sanders isn't REALLY a socialist... according to Paul Krugman.
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