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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
A list of Food / Restaurant reviews.

This is a collection of Food or Restaurant Reviews that I've done over the years. I'm not what I'd call a "Foodie", in that while I've eaten at many delicious Michelin Starred places, those are rarer experiences and should be. Day-to-day, I prefer more casual eateries, and I appreciate good but approachable food. Though food as art is a sometimes pleasure.

Food • [5 items]

Food • [5 items]

Famous Dave's
It's not the best BBQ you'll ever have, but it's pretty good, and the best of the chain BBQ (in Cal) that I've had. So I'd give it a solid rating, try it if you aren't religious about BBQ, it's not bad. I've gone back a few times since then. But I have local BBQ or smokehouses that are better.
Hamburger Reviews
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I like a good burger, heck I like an OK burger. To me, it's a great meal by itself, a little protein, some carbs, all in a filling and convenient to eat package. What's not to like? But how do they compare? Here's how I rate the various burger joints out there.
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This is a California institution, famous for being fresh, clean, cheap, and tasty. Their burgers are very good, but pretty plain and classic fast-food. Not much variety, even with the secret menu. It has such a cult-like following, that I feel it is over-rated. But when one is close, I did find myself going there, and if I don't have a Whataburger close, I miss it.
Kellog's Special K Crustless Quiche
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Costco had these for a while, but they've since disappeared. (I think they were discontinued, because I liked them). But they were a low calorie/carb (170 cals) way to have a tasty little egg breakfast now and again.
Mexican Reviews
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Mexican food is my wife's favorite, so we eat quite a bit. This discusses different types or places that are Mexican food. Having lived in both Texas and California, and going to Mexico quite a bit, we do know the difference. Though the quality and style varies a lot in all three places.


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