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This section is all about me (Ari Sabouni). The initial founder/creator of the site.

This section is all about me (Ari Sabouni). (If you want more about why, you can read the About section). What is life if it isn't sharing our experiences and perceptions, in the hopes that others can chuckle or learn from them? I learned long ago, that the process of writing and organizing my thoughts is cathartic, and once completed, I can, "let it go".


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Work Experiences
They say experience is what you get, when you didn't get what you wanted. I'm not completely sure about that... but work experiences make us who we are (or influence it). This is too brutally honest to be in any Résumé, it's more a Dilbert-esque look at the working world, not to malign the companies I worked at (which were far from the worst places), but more to remind others or myself of what experiences and lessons I got, when I didn't always get what I wanted.
Embrace the shake
Earlier this year, I saw Phil Hansen speak in person (at Adobe MAX). His speech hit me profoundly. It’s a fantastic speech/story about how limitations can expand us. If you have 10 minutes to watch this, or watch this again, I feel it will be time well spent.
Favorite Books
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things. Just a few books that were worth the time to read. Or at least impacted me in my youth.
Favorite Videos
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things. Just a few videos that are worth the time to watch... some by me, some are by others. From motivational speakers, to life experiences, toastmasters speeches, and a little politics and comedy to break things up. I think each of these is worth the time invested.
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Pictures of place we've lived, owned, or had as rental properties. Where you're from and what experiences you had, sort of define us -- or at least leave marks. Plus re-visiting them in pictures brings back memories.
Life Experiences
Life experiences make us who we are (or influence it). Experience is what we get, when we didn't get what we wanted. Here's a few stories from my past that made me who I am, or at least influenced it or reflected it.
I think everyone has had at least some "pleasant" experiences at the Doctors offices. If you haven't, you will. I sometimes am left to wonder if the AMA is conspiring with Gerbels, Mengela, to think of new procedures to torment, humiliate, or outright torture the common man. "We could do a MRI or cat-scan; but an endoscopy would be much more fun... for us".
Pet's that I've owned, borrowed or lost. Some of them were just animals I cared for, many had strong personalities and I bonded with and thus missed when they passed, got lost, or eaten. Plus re-visiting them in pictures brings back memories.
Refrigerator Magnet Poetry
Someone dumped a large bunch of these refrigerator magnets on a white-board wall we had at work (in front of my office). People would put up a sentence or quip, daily. Then one day, I had an incredible mind moment, and wrote out a poem with the words available. It sort of spoiled it: as no one ever touched the magnet words after that.


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My experiences with cops
Cops aren't good or bad, they are both. They are people, doing a shitty job, and following the policies (more or less) that they have to, in order to get ahead. There are some areas with worse policies. And there are areas that have some worse cops. Still, I've seen much more cops trying to do the right thing, than bad cops. Even if that perspective gets lost.
Story of us
This is the "Story of us"... the list of some highlighted trips, events or milestones in our life (my wife and my life's journey), or at least the ones that we got pictures of. Most pictures of trips are boring to me, because I don't have the context: so in this digital scrapbook, I try to offer just a little bit about each picture and why it matters. And you can tunnel in and see more in each section. I have plenty of gaps to fill, but when I'm done, I think I'm going to print a wall sized poster. out of it.


Work Experiences • [9 items]

1976 Ridgeline Country Club
Ridgeline Country Club - I was a caddy, gopher, dish-washer, bus boy, and sous-chef for the local posh country club (and the Presidential Chef, Skippy). It wasn't THAT posh, but I got good at golf and tennis -- and cutting/cleaning vegetables. While my parents were into status symbols and brand names, it didn't stick as well for me.
1978 Cinedome Theaters
I did a summer job I did was at the local movie theaters; the Orange Cinedome, which has since been torn down. It was one of the last 70mm theaters in the area. I was young, biking the 5 miles down wasn't bad; riding back after my shift, with an uphill grade, was a lot tougher. Getting there without being disheveled in the heat wasn't always easy.
1981 Ford Aerospace
The defense industry was hysterical, and there are so many stories to tell about these weapons systems. There were thousands of people, but it was a small industry with characters, and insanely funny programming mistakes in the way that non-life-or-death software can never be. Ford had a few of the best "gaffes".
1982 Ideal Computers
I walked into the local Computer Store in Kankakee (while going to school in area), and just pretended I worked there. I was helping people with sales and support until I found the manager, and since I'd already sold one computer and supported another, I got him to hire me. Later, I made their largest sale until I was sabotaged by a professor.
1983-1986, 1994 Rockwell • North American Aviation (NAAO)
I started coming of age at NAAO, working on the B-1B Bomber (Lancer). I got my security clearance, learned to deal with eccentric co-workers, learned about nepotism, Corporate Politics is about more than just hard work, and how not to mix substance abuse and work, got "hit on" in front of my parents, and learned how NOT to exit a company.
1986-1988 Rockwell • Collins
After I left Rockwell, I went to work for Rockwell. I moved from Airplanes (NAAO) to Collins Radio and was working on the MILSTAR Satellite Communication Terminal: a system that was used for most of the secure military battlefield communications. Never have I worked with such a ragtag bunch of humans... and had the time of my life. It was a lifetime of experiences in 3 1/2 years.
1988-1991 Baxter
After I left Rockwell the second time, I went to work for Baxter (Edwards Critical Care division), where I made medical instruments (including one used to save my wife's life). While saving lives wasn't as "interesting" as weapons systems to take them; it provided life lessons about dating on the job, the costs of defensive medicine, and just the problems in the provider side of healthcare.
1991 Relsys, Oracle (Alcon, Spectramed)
Dave Bajaj and I worked at Baxter, but the company had a cost cutting measure that eliminated the consultants. Dave started his own biomed consulting company: Relsys, and I was his first employee, working out of the spare room in his house, and helped with the demo that got him his first contracts (Alcon and Spectramed) beating out much larger companies.
1992-1994 American Zettler
I combined Medical Device Interfaces and Mac Development, with Zettler's Nurse Call system (Sentinal). It managed Hospital administration and nursing staff to allow patients to call for nurses and track their responses. They were losing contracts and going into litigation, but I went on site to many Hospitals, hired Engineers and Quality Assurance teams, and turned the product from legal disaster to cash cow.


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