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Religion is a mirror on out soul, what we believe reflects on who we are and how we live (or try to).
Religion is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What we choose to have faith in, both defines us, and is a reflection of us. If we believe in a vengeful God, we are likely a vengeful person. If we believe in a forgiving God, we are likely trying to be a forgiving person. You are what you do... and you do what you believe.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

Religious Truths[edit source]

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There is no doubt that mankind has a need for answers and belonging. There is no doubt that religion fulfills both of those for some. There is no doubt that men can be brainwashed and programmed. I call us "wetware", like software or hardware. We can program ourselves, and frankly it isn't that hard, and the techniques are well known. Many or most of these techniques have been used first and foremost by the religions of the world. So the only question left is that despite the fact that religions are about brainwashing, and playing to man's needs, all for their own personal and organizational gain, are they right or wrong? It is still possible that despite skewed methods, or the moral extortion, and so on, that the priests and the religion is still right. And that the church itself is a test of faith, against all reason and evidence to the contrary. But I'm not one that has that kind of faith.

I do believe that there is something to be learned from all religions. All of their stories, rites and rituals, have a purpose. And I can learn from those. And ultimately I don't think needing and belonging are bad things. And I do see the good that religions have done historically, as well as the bad. But religions have reflected mankind, not a higher being, in the most important area of all; their deeds. Religions have been used to start wars, torture people, mislead people, extort and exploit people, and to take power and money from some people and give it to others. It has also been used to build community, do great acts of charity and compassion, great acts of kindness and forgiveness, or helped people grow and live better lives. So it is a tool that has been abused, as well as being used for good. It is a dangerous tool, that must be respected, and learned from.

Religions to me are best as a tool to learn about people. They are a Rorschach inkblot of people's souls. If you want to understand someone, ask about his or her God or his or her belief. I've heard many that say their God is merciful, but then talk about how all the non-chosen will roast in hell for all eternity; which reflects true intentions. Others have said, "my God would not punish group X for not knowing him, but I will do my best to help them and others know my God"; that to me is a true merciful God to worship, and a truly merciful person.

So you can learn a lot about people based on the God they choose to worship, and based on what people believe.

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I used to call myself an Atheist, because I don't believe in an anthropomorphic (humanized) "God". But most of the public atheists were douche's that I was embarrassed to be associated with. Plus there's always doubt: we don't know what's out there beyond our comprehension, so being too definitive is being close minded.
I joke that Atheism is the idea that first their was nothing, then it blew up. Of course that's a little simplistic. But in the end while I'm an atheist (in that I doubt there's an anthropomorphized and temperamental God of the Old Testament, or really any Gods that we would recognize). I also believe there's lots of things that we don't understand, and never will.
Whether you are a Christian or not, there are things you can learn for the Bible, if you want to. I have read the Bible a few times, but also read information about the Bible and its origins, and I enjoy discussing these subjects with people far more educated than myself. These are my opinions on the history and origins of the Bible.
The philosophy originated in India, but traveled to China, Japan and influenced much of the Orient. Many cultures have a mythology that goes along with the tales of their ancients, and Buddha is no exception. There is a lot of mythology associated with his life. But in common is how a human learned peace, self-discovery and enlightenment through meditation.
Cargo Cult
There is a true story about some South Asian Islanders (Melanesians) that sort of sums up a lot of human behavior for me. Islanders built a whole religion around an abandoned airbase, mock planes of straw and bamboo, to lure back the planes and Cargo that had once enriched their world.
Christian Terrorists
Quick, name some "Christian Terrorists". Over the years, I've asked and researched, and never found them. Not that some weren't Christians, but I haven't found one that screamed, "God is love", as they blew themselves up, or thought the Bible told them drive a truck over people, or to kill as many Muslims as they could. Amish Buggy bombs aren't a thing.
This section is to discuss one of the most persecuted minorities in the world: Christians. Of course, that's a bit overstated, but leftists and their media both have no problems persecuting or mocking them (as Marx, Sanger, and other atheists did), or ignoring or diminish their persecution/suffering by others. Social Justice only counts for Marxists or to further their causes.
With way too many people in close quarters, a religion about how to get along was bound to spring up. Confucius was a man, alive from 551-479 BC. One of the major concepts of Confucianism is li, which translates roughly as propriety, order, and courtesy, and is often expressed through ritual and ceremony. Li is basically the laws by which we are governed.
Some have called me a xenophobic racist. I love immigrants, am one (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrant), my friends, coworkers, students, teachers and partners have been as well. But all immigrants are not equal, and a nation without borders is no longer a functioning nation. Those that want to eliminate the border, also want to eliminate America.
Iraq is because of Israel-Palestine
Israel/Palestine is a convenient scapegoat for all problems in the middle east. But only rubes buy it as the root problem in the middle East. Yes, Arabs/Muslims think it's a great injustice that they can't murder all the Jews and drive them into the sea. But if Israel didn't exist, there would be plenty of other conflicts in the middle east.
This 2nd largest religion was created in the 7th century in Mecca, by Mohamed sharing his visions in the form of the Quran. Islam is a monotheistic Judeo-Christian sect (broken into one of two denominations; Sunni (85–90%) or Shia (10–15%)). It believes, "there is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God" (as was Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus).
Islamic Phrases
I'm not a cunning linguist, nor a middle eastern expert -- but my Dad is Iranian and Muslim, as is 1/2 my family, and being "not from here" means I've been more observant of different cultures than most.
Muslims can't do democracy
Muslims aren't capable of a successful democracy". People said the same thing about democracy in America or Europe before it succeeded there too. It's a truly patronizing view. (Separately, there's whether we will like their Democracy, but that's a separate issue).
Radical Islamic Terrorism
Radical Islamic Terrorism is a phrase that many on the left can't seem to speak. Obama couldn't even use it, when someone would shoot up a gay bar or shooting up a community center while yelling Allahu Akbar, or telling the cops they were doing this of Islam. The dimwitted myopia of over-sensitivity doesn't help, it polarizes.
San Bernardino: Mass Shooting Recap
The majority of our murders are gang related (democrats killing democrats), so Democrats hype mass murders. Here's a timeline of what's going on, the omitted context of various shootings and what the press/left leaves out.
Science and Religion
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The lines between Science and Religion are becoming blurred. Especially with the left's Alternate Science. When you mix Science and Politics, you get politics. When you mix Science and strong political beliefs, you get a religion. Science is skepticism and questioning, Fascism is consensus.
Separation of Church and State
The First Amendment pretty clearly meant that there would be no single Federal Church (like the Church of England), and that the Federal Government would be forbidden from interfering with the States and communities enforcing whatever religion they wanted. What it did not mean is that there would be a clear separation of Church at the State or Local Government.
Shintoism is the Japanese religion that believes in millions of spirits (Kami) in all things. These spirits are good and bad, more powerful or weak, flawed or not. Because no "founder" of Shinto and there is no supreme book or reference, this makes Shinto very adaptable.
The 'Tao' is an indescribable abstract.Since I enjoy a challenge, I'll try to describe it. Though some of the concepts of 'Tao', can be described, this is not a description of the Tao itself. The Tao is a holistic concept; where one must understand many of the parts to understand the sum. But it's about nature, balances, and the path to achieving it.
Terrorism: Islam vs Christianity
As an overgeneralization: the middle east (and Islam) as a culture, are more tribalistic, has less interest in integrating (as separation is respectful of piety), and those in their religion should be treated different than those outside it. Politics, the law and religion mix, and they would force Sharia law on everyone. Christianity is more tolerant.
Unexplained Phenomena
Unexplained Phenomena.png
People love to focus on how smart we are, and what we know. And that's fine and all. I love what we do know. But to keep one humble, it helps if you remember that there's stuff out there that we don't really know, some we understand what happens but not why it happens, and some stuff we may never really understand.
I've got nothing against vegetarians. My wife is vegetarian, and I was one for a few years, then pescatarian. And we regularly have some vegetarian food at home. The main reason that I'm not is convenience. But if there's a good vegetarian Restaurant (or people making good vegetarian food), I will gladly eat without meat.
What is God?
Q:What is God? 90% of the Universe is supposedly (dark) matter and energy that we can't see, hear, touch -- it's just variables that make our equations balance out. Others believe that un-verifiable vibrating strings make up the cosmos. God seems to be whatever you need him/it to be. However, to me, God is proven by the human need for there to be a God.


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