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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
These are just the eastern philosophies that influenced me, and the ways I look at things.

These are just the basic philosophies of the east, or at least ones that I took from Martial Arts and influenced me, and the ways I look at things. There are many perspectives into the same concepts. Two different people doing an artistic representation of an object; using different mediums, skills, and from different points of view, may believe the same core concepts, but the expression may be quite different.


These are just the eastern thoughts that influenced me, and the ways I look at things: Eastern Thought • [3 items]

I studied it enough to know there no such thing as a "reheater organ". I also studied it enough to know that there's general benefits that extend well beyond the placebo effect. So it is both wrong and right at the same time. Whether the explanation for why is right or not, doesn't change the efficacy. And denying the efficacy because you don't like the explanation is probably more dumb than the other way around.
The philosophy originated in India, but traveled to China, Japan and influenced much of the Orient. Many cultures have a mythology that goes along with the tales of their ancients, and Buddha is no exception. There is a lot of mythology associated with his life. But in common is how a human learned peace, self-discovery and enlightenment through meditation.
With way too many people in close quarters, a religion about how to get along was bound to spring up. Confucius was a man, alive from 551-479 BC. One of the major concepts of Confucianism is li, which translates roughly as propriety, order, and courtesy, and is often expressed through ritual and ceremony. Li is basically the laws by which we are governed.


These are just the Martial Arts philosophies that influenced me, and the ways I look at things: Martial Arts • [2 items]

James Mitose
James Mitose was an Japanese American that learned the hard way about our legal system and how the public views Martial Artists. He is well known in some Martial Arts circles, because he brought Kenpo/Kempo over to Hawaii and the mainland from Japan, and is one of the important Masters of the art.
Pacifism: when is fighting is better than the alternative? These are my thoughts. To me, the aggressor is not the one that throws the first punch, but the one who insists on fighting -- and it is not the person who won't fight because they can't win, but is the person who tries to avoid fights and exhausts all alternatives despite knowing that they would probably win.


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