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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
Things that make you go, “hmmm…”, or at least made me write about it.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. That's why I write about it (at length) instead. Hey, if you don't care about what other people think about you, it's easier.

Thought • [33 items]

Thought • [33 items]

10 Books that Screwed Up the World
This discusses the origins of the failed philosophies that influenced the far left. Most of the left aren't deep thinkers on history/philosophy, but they did get exposed to false belief systems. These are some of the false beliefs of the intellectual left that lead to the cascading failures of their ideology on the follower left.
In Orwell's 1984, there's a perverse exchange between the victim (Winston) and his tormentor (O'Brien), where O'Brien is being a good progressive socialist, and trying to force Winston into accepting non-reality as reality. Torturing Winston until he admits that 2+2=5. Winston must not only say it, but truly believe it. The party before reality: like progressives today.
4 Stages of Scientific Discovery
4 Stages of Scientific Discovery.png
The 4 stages of scientific discovery are:
  1. Denial in its existence
  2. Denial in its significance
  3. Misattribution to who did the work
  4. Refutation
I used to call myself an Atheist, because I don't believe in an anthropomorphic (humanized) "God". But most of the atheists I heard talking or writing were douche's that I was embarrassed to be associated with them. Plus there's always doubt: we don't know what's out there beyond our comprehension, so being too definitive is being close minded.
12 Steps
Alcoholism 2683225.svg
The path to a more actuated and self-aware and just all around better human being begins with 12 steps. It could work for all people, but is targeted and applied to alcoholism, via Alcoholics Anonymous. It teaches people to stop running from who they are and how they feel and to become a person that they can be more proud of. Fixing that, helps people address alcoholic escapism.
Alfie Evans
Alfie Evans.jpg
In 2018 a repeat of Charlie Gard. Another victim of Single-Payer "Healthcare". A death paned decided a child should die. The parents got him Italian citizenship, but the NHS still removed his ventilator and killed him.
Allegory of the Apes
Ape skeletons.png
An allegory about how Apes are victims of systems-memory, and that they will remember to follow rules, even after they've forgotten why they were doing them in the first place (and never questioning why it might be OK to stop). Humans fall prey to the same false assumptions.
Allegory of the Cave
Plato's Cave is an allegory about how people who only see shadows on the wall for their entire life, will be more comfortable with that reflection of reality than being exposed to the sunlight or the real actors casting the shadows. Familiar constructs are better than unfamiliar truths.
Bug Out Bag
Whether you call it Emergency Kit, Zombie or Bugout Bag, Prepper Pack, or SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan), it's all the same. Everyone should plan for contingencies. The likelihood you'll need one is far more likely that you might think. So the question isn't if you should have one (you're irresponsible if you don't), the question is more what items fit your best guesses.
Cargo Cult
There is a true story about some South Asian Islanders (Melanesians) that sort of sums up a lot of human behavior for me. Islanders built a whole religion around an abandoned airbase, mock planes of straw and bamboo, to lure back the planes and Cargo that had once enriched their world.
Chesterton's Fence
There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road.

The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, I don't see the use of this; let us clear it away. To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: If you don't see the use of it, I certainly won't let you clear it away.

Driving by watching the rear view mirror
A common mistake I've seen businesses repeat, over and over again - or more accurately I've seen many companies do once or twice until they go out of business or the idiots doing it are fired, is to "drive by watching the review mirror". Instead of analyzing and thinking, learning technology (and markets and customers), they decide, "someone else is doing it, and since it worked for them, it'll work for us". You're not them.
Embrace the shake
Earlier this year, I saw Phil Hansen speak in person (at Adobe MAX). His speech hit me profoundly. It’s a fantastic speech/story about how limitations can expand us. If you have 10 minutes to watch this, or watch this again, I feel it will be time well spent.
Fascism the left believes that while the National Socialists Workers Party contained Socialism in the name, thought and deed, they all came from Socialism, Stalin thought they were socialists, that doesn't mean they were real socialists. (The no true Scotsman fallacy). And if they weren't Socialists, then they must be "right wing".
Genius is Insanity
Sanity is behaving normal. Genius is abnormal IQ (usually ≈1.5 times "smarter" or more logical than others. Geniuses insight means they might not act/behave normal (or as a normal person might)... thus to the normal, they are insane. Or at least that's how it worked in my childhood. I had to explain many actions and thought processes, so the muggles wouldn't lock me up.
History of Immigration
The immigration fight is bitter because in 1986 Dems traded amnesty for a border fence/security, then broke their promise, then sabotaged efforts to have real immigration reform or border security ever since. They get votes by obstructing immigration reform and keeping illegals second class citizens, then use their suffering as an excuse why we need to vote for them to fix it.
Keep the tiger behind the bamboo
This is a rambling life lesson, that I once learned, and often ignore. My Karate Instructor used to say, "keep the tiger behind the bamboo". The lesson being that if you're a mystery, what people imagine you are, is probably greater than the reality. So stay mysterious and keep/get more students.
Malevolent liberty or benevolent tyranny
Trolley Problem.svg
Malevolent liberty is better than benevolent tyranny? A lot of this boils down to the Trolley Problem: is it more ethical to kill one to save many, or to let many die to avoid murder? The root of the problem is whether you value others' free will more than your ego and desire to control the outcome.
Pacifism: when is fighting is better than the alternative? These are my thoughts. To me, the aggressor is not the one that throws the first punch, but the one who insists on fighting -- and it is not the person who won't fight because they can't win, but is the person who tries to avoid fights and exhausts all alternatives despite knowing that they would probably win.
What angle you look at an issue, can alter what you see. Various meme's demonstrate it, circle or square. Many will take away the message that either is correct, from their view. Both aren't correct, they are incomplete -- the truth is bigger than either of their views. There needs to be room for more than one perspective, but there's often a more right and more wrong.
Preemptive War
Iraq was the first preemptive war except for all the others. All wars start with a series of escalations on both sides. All offer multiple opportunities to escalate or deescalate (back down). A fight doesn't happen because one guy throws the first punch, but because both sides chose to not walk away until eventually a fight is the only natural outcome.
Radical Islamic Terrorism
Radical Islamic Terrorism is a phrase that many on the left can't seem to speak. Obama couldn't even use it, when someone would shoot up a gay bar or shooting up a community center while yelling Allahu Akbar, or telling the cops they were doing this of Islam. The dimwitted myopia of over-sensitivity doesn't help, it polarizes.
Refrigerator Magnet Poetry
Someone dumped a large bunch of these refrigerator magnets on a white-board wall we had at work (in front of my office). People would put up a sentence or quip, daily. Then one day, I had an incredible mind moment, and wrote out a poem with the words available. It sort of spoiled it: as no one ever touched the magnet words after that.
Socialism has been the most tried, and most failed government system, next to it's older brother (Tyranny). There have been many, many communes (cults, utopias). Some were small (like Zoar, Ohio), others were large (USSR, China, Nazi Germany, etc). Virtually all of them ended poorly.
The Tiger and the Strawberry
One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a vicious tiger. He ran, but soon came to the edge of a high cliff. Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the fatal precipice... As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in the cliff and began gnawing on the vine... Suddenly, he noticed on the vine a plump wild strawberry. He plucked it and popped it in his mouth... It was incredibly delicious, the best strawberry he ever had! ~ 🍓 Zen (Buddhist) parable
Thinking outside the box
People will tell you to "think outside the Box". I learned early on, they don't mean it. Or more often they mean "not too much outside the box". This came up when I was in grade school. The teacher asked us all to do this, and I did it wrong -- which was ironic considering the goal of the test given was to think outside the box.
Thought Crime
George Orwell wrote his cautionary book titled Nineteen Eighty-Four about what progressive lefists would become, if unconstrained. It was intended to be a warning, but seems to have been taken as a roadmap. A key part of it was the idea of political correctness (wrongthink) devolving into "thought crimes". He was prophetic.
Trolley Problem
Trolley Problem.svg
The Trolley Problem is a thought experiment where a runaway trolley is going to kill five people tied to one track, or you can divert the trolly to a side track and kill one person. Which is more ethical? The problem isn't just counting the fewest deaths, but in the nuance in letting something bad happen (indirect responsibility), or being directly responsible for the death of someone else.
Unbendable Arm
As an ex martial arts instructor, I sometimes demonstrate Chi (or Ki), using the Unbendable Arm. (This is basically where using visualization, technique and mind, you can increase your strength dramatically). I basically wrap it in Western Explanations for how it works. But the facts are that it does work, whether you believe the mystical aspects or not.
Unexplained Phenomena
Unexplained Phenomena.png
People love to focus on how smart we are, and what we know. And that's fine and all. I love what we do know. But to keep one humble, it helps if you remember that there's stuff out there that we don't really know, some we understand what happens but not why it happens, and some stuff we may never really understand.
Unintended Consequences
Every action causes a reaction. Some reactions are pleasant surprises, many are negatives, some are counter productive (perverse) and make the problem worse. Since consequences matter more than intentions, we have a social obligation to plan for them (and avoid them).
You are what you do
Humans rationalize anything, "for the sake of the greater good", but their actions are how we measure them. Not the intent, or even outcome. This article's point is that, "you are what you repeatedly do". You actions and your persona become inseparable.
You broke it, you bought it
In property rights, "You broke it, you bought it" is common sense. What isn't yours, isn't yours to break. Thus you owe the owner a replacement. But in foreign and domestic policy that ignores context, ownership and responsibility. The truth is both sides bear responsibility for their actions. And sometimes you are given no ethical way to continue ignoring a problem.


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