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Created :  2018-12-10
The study of choice, scarcity, Social reactions to policies, and unseen consequences.

Since our time is limited, and creating/distributing goods/services takes time, everything is finite and has some scarcity. Economics is looking at that value, scarcity and demand -- and how individuals or society reacts with policies. And what the consequences of those policies are.

Economics isn't just about theoretical impacts to money, though many get caught up in that. It's about social engineering or understanding. You can't argue a policy change (or any change) intelligently if you don't think about the consequences of your actions -- and not just to the people you care about, but all people and the system as a whole. How will people react, how can the solution be gamed, sure you helped a few -- but what happened to the rest (and does the help outweigh the costs). Micro-economics is looking at one system, Macro-economics is looking at how that system impacts all the others.


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40 Hour work week
The left thinks the Unions/Government gave us the 40 hour work week. It was standardized a decade before by Henry Ford (Capitalism). By the time we had the FSRA, it applied to less than 20% of the population. The Government created a regulation for the very few remaining, and took credit for something that was already done, and leftist media repeated the lie and the non-skeptical gobbled it up.
These are alternate-reality economics that Fake Economists (usually leftist polemics) tell each other and their base. AKA Leftonomics. Never blame on malice that which is more easily explained by incompetence. But when you are an "expert" that knows the facts and repeat the fabrications anyways? Then malice (dishonesty) is all that's left. They know better.
Economics of lies, and fidelity
Increase the economic value of a cheat or lie, and you'll use them less often. Thus permission to do something once (or infrequently) will reduce the likelihood of you doing it, more than the impossible standard of pure abstinence.
Obama's gun truths and consequences
From Gun Sales to Mass Shootings, how the unintended consequences of community organizing are often detrimental to the stated goal. How divisive rhetoric and drawing attention to your cause can often get the opposite outcome of intent. Of course if your intent is to pose for the selfie-stick and drive up gun ownership and mass shootings then maybe it isn't the opposite of intent.


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Paul Krugman
No one in the economic press is as consistently wrong as he is. There are economics sites dedicated to debunking and mocking him. He even times his flip-flops to be stay wrong when situations change.


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The podcast on i pencil is an economics treatise by Lawrence W. Reed, founder of (circa 1958), explaining the complexity of making something as simple as a pencil in the modern world. (No one person knows it all, thus no one person/committee can optimize it). I’d heard parts of this, was very familiar with, so read I pencil in it’s entirety. It’s definitely worth a listen and/or read.


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