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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
The study of the past, in order to understand the present, or future.

This area is about all those popular things people believe happened, but didn't. Or at least didn't in the way they think it happened. Correcting the disinformation that is the foundation of many people's beliefs.

History • [36 items]

FDR modeled his business recovery on what the Fascists of Europe had been doing. Many assume that because it sounds so vitriolic that it must be wrong -- but if you doubt it, study the policies. Remember, that the Fascist were not as unpopular at the time as they later became. They were just a branch of Progressive Democratic Socialists, with a side of soft authoritarianism.
2016.10.02 Molon Labe
NPR pretentiously tries to mock the 2nd Amendment folks, and makes fools of themselves (on our tax dollar). Again. This whine was about the appropriation of the one true meaning of Molon Labe, and its appropriate use by the 2A proponents, then NPR muddles the history/facts/intent, and forgets about the original use by King Leonidas I of Sparta (480 BC).
2nd Amendment was for muskets
A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed ~ 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights. Well regulated means, "in working order". Militia means "all able body males". And the National guard wasn't created until 1903 - so was not vaguely what the founders were referring to.
Alternate plate brown.svg
There are really two different realities in America -- what you are being told, and what is real/true. Some people have a tough time differentiating the two, especially those that do well in School/Universities and get grades based on following and letting others think for them. But a few escape with skepticism and critical thinking skills, and they can see what is.
American Differences
Embracing Our Differences Logo.jpg
Not all "Differences" are good; but exceptional means we are different. Differences have tradeoffs, and those tradeoffs are better in some ways or for some people. Here are some examples; bigger cars, homes, food, stores, cheaper goods, fewer taxes and tariffs, lower regulation, more diversity, 1A, 2A, 4A, University Pride, American Football, and so on.
American History
This area is about American History, the real and imagined variations. I'm a stickler for balance, and you can't have balance, if you only get one-sided propaganda. This is often the other side of the story.
My Bias (1974)
Everyone is biased, I'm open about mine, so that people can decide if I'm right in spite of them, or where I go wrong (if they disagree). It started in 5th grade when I learned early that the School textbooks and teachers were indoctrinating me with lies (spin). So cynical skepticism (what's the other side of the story) was ingrained early, and forms my world view.
Corporate Personhood & Citizens United
Many on the left claim that Citizens United created/invented Corporate Personhood, and that this makes Corporations People, and this new power puts our political system "up for sale". They're wrong on all counts. It just said that Unions, Government, Churches, businesses, marriages and other "corporations", would all be treated the same. The lying left hates that.
DNC Crusades
DNC Crusades.png
Democrats causes are always crusades for Justice. So what do they fight for/against? Here's some examples. I'm not talking the average Democrat voters, I'm talking about their leadership votes for or against.
Declaration of Slave Owners
A historian friend of mine (Kevin Gutzman) wanted to clear the record. It is not hypocrisy to say, "all men are created equal", and still accept that there was slavery (or Women weren't included). Ignoring the gross historical fallacy of Presentism, in this case, it is also ignorance.
Defensive Gun Use
Best estimates are that guns are used in ≈9,000 murders per year but they're used about 2.2 million times a year to stop a crime or save a list. That means if you outlawed all guns (and you're naive enough to think that would stop 9,000 murders), you'd probably increase crime by a couple million more cases a year?
Democratic Tolerance
The left is to tolerance what what Ché Guevara was to gay rights, what Pol Pot was for higher education, what Stalin was for political diversity, and what Mao was for religious freedom. I could go on naming lefties and ways that they are not tolerant, but some will claim the norm are the outliers, and vice versa. But here's a list proving the point.
Discussion with a Gun-Controller
Quote (89667) - The Noun Project.svg
Almost every discussion with a gun-controller looks the same. This is a paraphrased version of that thread.
Dropping the Bomb
The "defeated Japan” theory, and the idea that “the U.S. didn’t NEED to drop the bomb” is regularly regurgitated by leftists or anti-American alternative History believers. But the actual history of WWII says otherwise. This article sources a lot of the real history, instead of the fictitious one run by FakeNews outlets, and repeated by the left.
Electoral College and the National Popular Vote
When democrats lose they often try to change the rules (eliminate the electoral college). But without the electoral collect, we wouldn't be a country, we'd be two separate ones because the rest of the nation isn't going to let NY and California decide for the rest of the nation. Democrats love diversity, unless it's diversity of opinion.
Fascism the left believes that while the National Socialists Workers Party contained Socialism in the name, thought and deed, they all came from Socialism, Stalin thought they were socialists, that doesn't mean they were real socialists. (The no true Scotsman fallacy). And if they weren't Socialists, then they must be "right wing".
Good guys with guns
The news never likes to talk about GGWG's (Good Guys with Guns), and the many, many more cases, where responsible adults save lives, using guns. The score is like 9,000 murders versus Millions of DGUs (Defensive Gun Uses) each year in America. Of course the vast majority of DGUs are just scaring away bad guys. But here are crimes/mass shootings that were stopped by GGWGs.
Graphical User Interface
Graphical User Interface.jpg
Computers originally started off with programmer having to program them. Then they added built in programs that you could run with simple commands. (You could Operate it, with an Operating System). Then we created Graphical Objects and metaphors for the real world that you could visualize and interact with. This article offers some of that history.
Gun Quotes
Here are my favorite gun quotes. You can’t eliminate a tool, or knowledge of it. All that you can do is decide whether there should be a balance of power, or none. Some believe in that balance, others believe that the state is never wrong, especially if you ignore the History of all the times they’ve been wrong in the past.
How the West Was Won
Poster - How the West Was Won.jpg
Eastern and Middle Eastern Civilizations were more advanced for thousands of years, had more resources, better climate, so why did Western Civilization "win" and become more advanced? The 3 theories are Oppression, Environmental, and Cultural. The first two are mostly bullshit. So what was it about the culture?
Institutional Racism
There's this fallacy invented and propagated by the far left (and part of Black Conspiracy Theology), meant to undermine America, called "Systemic Racism" (aka Institutional Racism): the idea that racism in ingrained into the culture and legal, governmental or corporate policies. Other than affirmative action, this hasn't existed for generations.
Iraq War
Iraq (orthographic projection).svg
Disagree with American policy or bumbling implementations of that policy. Be anti-war or not. The U.S. may be wrong, you may legitimately disagree with a policy, but you have to be able to accept the facts of what we did, why we did it, and realistically accept uncomfortable truths or complexities that you might not like. Don't tolerate disinformation or slogans.
Joe McCarthy
By exposing that FDR/Truman had failed to fire the Marxists that had penetrated the U.S. government, as they had promised, he became an enemy of the democrats and media. They forced him to expose a list of names given to him by the FBI, then attacked him for naming them. Many were later exposed as paid by the Soviets (so he was right). The person McCarthy'ed was McCarthy.
Kent State
May 4th in Kent Ohio, brings nearly annualized ignorance Kids (inflamed by their teachers and the left) have riots... over kids they never knew getting shot for rioting and doing violence/vandalism/terrorism over 50 years ago. Proving they've learned nothing. But to this day, the left denies that their actions started a tragedy that ended the lives of a few students.
Abraham Lincoln
My interest in Honest Abe, was always about the darker parts of his history, that the High School History books skipped. People are complex, so I didn't want the caricature, I wanted to know his humanity. He was racist orator (just less racist than his contemporaries), with an ego big enough to kill half a million men. Freeing the slaves was a byproduct of the war his election victory started.
Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians
Those claiming that civilians don’t stop mass/school shootings are either either ignorant, liars, or both. When you hear or read that claim, you can immediately consider the source discredited by their own dishonesty, bias or incompetence. If you doubt it, here's many examples. ("If it saves a single life, it's worth allowing people to carry guns").
Barack Obama
The point isn't to be fair here: it's to be honest. I don't care how people vote, or who they support. I do care about correcting revisionist history. These are the issues, articles and scandals that debunk popular (leftist) narratives, and the fawning puff pieces in the leftist Press.
Origins of the Internet
Most of the technologies and features we know and use on the Internet were created, improved and adopted by our private sector decades before the Internet. The reason it was created in the U.S., and not one of the socialist countries, is because of our private sector, otherwise everyone would be on France’s Minitel.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FDR is loved by amorals and leftists for extending the depression, mismanaging WWII, and setting the stage for the USSR and Iron Curtain. He focused power so that he could abuse it, corrupt, vindictive, liar (betrayed most that trusted him). He ignored the Constitution and his oath of office, many of the countries worst shames happened under his watch (and by his hand/guidance).
Bernie Sanders
A two-faced, hypocritical, crazy-uncle Socialist, whose only accomplishments in life was winning an election by loser hippies that wanted free stuff.
Slavery and the New Deal
Slavery and the civil war fascinated me. Again, this isn't to rationalize it, but the "Roots" narrative, as told by abolitionists, make no sense. If you were beaten and tortured and so on, then why wouldn't these folks fight or run? You have nothing to lose, right? Well, from many first hand reports, it wasn't that bad for most. This isn't to diminish the abuses, or deny the exceptions, it's to understand the truth.
The Jungle
While it was debunked at the time, pro-Government types used this book as an excuse to create the precursor to the FDA, which has become a boondoggle that's killed or hurt more people than it has ever helped. But it's a lot easier to convince the gullible than it ever is to de-program them.
Thought Crime
George Orwell wrote his cautionary book titled Nineteen Eighty-Four about what progressive lefists would become, if unconstrained. It was intended to be a warning, but seems to have been taken as a roadmap. A key part of it was the idea of political correctness (wrongthink) devolving into "thought crimes". He was prophetic.
Vietnam CT.07 Map.png
As an American, Vietnam is usually talking about the war. And you can't talk about Vietnam war without talking about what lead up to the war, why it was fought, who won (and lost) the war), what were the consequences, and a lot of messiness around intentions and outcomes. This covers all of those topics.
Why did IBM choose DOS?
In 1980 a big computer company was needed an OS for the computer they had slapped together. I won't mention their name, but their initials were I.B.M. They didn't have time to develop the OS themselves -- so they hunted for a microcomputer OS they could stick in, that wouldn't be a threat to their important computers (their mainframes), and in came Bill Gates.
Why we fought the Vietnam War
I'm not pro war, nor pro Vietnam war. But if we want to learn and grow we have to accept consequences of action or inaction. This article covers the tradeoffs for the Vietnam War. At least what lead up to Kent State, which is where the view of the war turned for American, internally/politically.


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