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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
Created :  2021-07-16
Why do I do this? Because I can... and life's too short to surrender to bullies all the time.

Q: Why do I do this?
A: Because it’s there Life is too short to cave in to ignorance or misinformation. Writing gives me peace. It gives me an excuse to research and question and refine. Teaching others, can teach yourself (if you’re open to questioning everything, and being your own devil’s advocate).

This contains articles about me, my website, why I do this, and so on.

About • [29 items]

1974 🌿 Marijuana
I was an experimental kid, that was far more aware of many things than adults knew, and they knew I was pretty precocious. one of my early discoveries was the joy of the marijuana. But I was never really a pot-head. For some reason, I liked self-control, so I would occasionally get stoned -- but pretty limited and only in time appropriate ways.
1977 Soccer Camp
I did a soccer camp in the summer of '77. My parents tried to get me away for summers, weekends, and whenever they could. (I sometimes had that effect on people). But I had a great time, made friends, memories. And one of the last summers I had without a job.
1978 Backpacking goes bad
After 4 weeks in the Sierra's "camping" now means no room service.
1979 🚘🌿 Driving while stoned
The second time I was hit by a car, I was doing something stupid. A friend had "borrowed" his mom's car. He wasn't exactly of legal age, but my reasoning about driving with idiots was "hey, it's their problem if they get arrested". Well, we went and got lit, came back, and while I was getting out of the car, he rolled forward, caught my leg and ran me over. Ouch!
1982 ⚕️Nose Job
Nose job.jpg
My first "major" medical procedure was a nose job. When I was a young kid (age 8), I was climbing over a cinderblock wall when the top brick came off, smashed my nose, and left me sounding like Darth Vader for a decade. That and being Iranian/Italian gave me a beak. So the summer before college, I had my nose fixed.
1987 Skydiving
1987 Skydiving.png
Yes, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Twice. To me, it was no big deal. I just wanted to experience freefall, and enjoyed flying. I didn't think of it as very dare-devilish, though some others do. I had statistics on my side, but gravity and physics was working for the opposition. Then I met a Hustler Honey, and wanted to jump again.
Aristotle Sabouni
This section is all about me (Ari Sabouni). (If you want more about why, you can read the About section). What is life if it isn't sharing our experiences and perceptions, in the hopes that others can chuckle or learn from them? I learned long ago, that the process of writing and organizing my thoughts is cathartic, and once completed, I can, "let it go".
There’s a popular fraud that since Oz (Australia) enacted their Gun confiscation program, that things magically got much better there. This is usually done with very selective editing of the “facts”. The reality is that murders didn't go down by as much as the U.S. over the same time (while loosening gun laws), and illegal guns and gun crimes went up.
Microsoft Small Basic icon.png
Articles that are foundational (pretty basic).
Toll information car icon.svg
Cars sort of matter to me: they were freedom and the ability to go where I wanted. For a while, they were sort of an extension of my personality, or at least reflected it a little -- though as I got older, I got more utilitarian and they're more a transportation device.

These are pictures of cars that I've owned: or like make/model/color substitutes if I can't find pictures of my actual car.
Elephants in the room
Learning to discuss emotionally charged topics makes us better humans and a better society. Friction-inducing discussions allows us to rub against each other, abrade each other, and smooth off the rough edges and learn to tolerate each other and grow. The alternative is a worse society, afraid to offend, and avoiding growth and understanding.
Favorite Books
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things. Just a few books that were worth the time to read. Or at least impacted me in my youth.
Favorite Videos
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things. Just a few videos that are worth the time to watch... some by me, some are by others. From motivational speakers, to life experiences, toastmasters speeches, and a little politics and comedy to break things up. I think each of these is worth the time invested.
Gun Basics
Wikipedia Education Program icon only.svg
Those that don't know all of this, before expressing opinions on Guns/Gun-Control are doing it from a position of ignorance, and should be ignored. People are allowed to have opinions based on ignorance -- but we should be smart enough to treat them with the respect their domain knowledge is worth.
Gun Comparisons
Cross-country/culture comparisons are stupid: they are almost never done to increase insights, but to mislead the gullible for an agenda. They look at one criteria, don't normalize the data, then say, "see" to support their agenda, instead of reality. Still, since others do them, I'll try to do it better (more fairly)... and unlike frauds, I'll show my work.
Gun Laws
Icon of the Egyptian law.png
The basics about Guns Laws; minimum requirements for having an informed opinion on gun control.
Home icon blue.png
Pictures of place we've lived, owned, or had as rental properties. Where you're from and what experiences you had, sort of define us -- or at least leave marks. Plus re-visiting them in pictures brings back memories.
Jury Duty 2013
After 4 days of picking Jurors, they finally asked me questions and decided I wasn't one of the droid they were looking for, and they let me go. Primarily, it got to questions about why I taught Martial Arts, and saying, "because I really don't like bullies" was all it took for the preemptory challenges to let me go free, with a fist bump from another juror.
Mr. Volcano Head
Mr volcano.gif
The first body I found was in 10th grade. I was in Water Polo as an after school sport, which is ironic since I had to show up by 6:30am to work out. Somebody had decided to exit this mortal coil with a mind expanding experience involving splatter art on a shed wall. And I was the second to notice, got the cops and helped the catatonic girl.
Of course everything has a bias, but these are some of the biased organizations that I'm tracking things on.
Pet's that I've owned, borrowed or lost. Some of them were just animals I cared for, many had strong personalities and I bonded with and thus missed when they passed, got lost, or eaten. Plus re-visiting them in pictures brings back memories.
Privacy policy
Data privacy.svg
We believe that information about you, is yours to control, so we do not sell or share any information about users, except as necessary. What's necessary? If you do something criminal or immoral: harassment, vandalism, conduct things that hurt others. Normally, such activity will get warnings first, as noticed.
Refrigerator Magnet Poetry
Someone dumped a large bunch of these refrigerator magnets on a white-board wall we had at work (in front of my office). People would put up a sentence or quip, daily. Then one day, I had an incredible mind moment, and wrote out a poem with the words available. It sort of spoiled it: as no one ever touched the magnet words after that.
Semantic MediaWiki
20101031 SemanticMediaWiki Logo.svg
Semantic MediaWiki is a tool to convert unstructured data (articles) into having more structure -- so that you can do things like find like articles, inter-relate them (or their content), or create tables made from data-fragments contained in many articles.
Speed Traps 2002
I became a victim the other day of the oldest racket in the book. The mafia calls it the "protection" racket: extorted to pay them for protection... from themselves. Of course the mafia racket is more humane since it doesn't have the full force of local, state and federal government behind it, or the facade of lawfulness to hide behind.
Third Point Systems Jumper
Santa monica.jpg
There I was in 1994, minding my own business, when I see a body fall by my window, and make a slightly wet but very loud, "smack" against the street like Gallagher mallet'ing a side of beef. Well that's not something you see/hear every day.
There’s this common meme that the U.S. is so much worse than the U.K. in murders or crime, so I wanted to collect a lot of facts in one place.
When you compare the U.S. to the world in Crime/Murder rates, the data is quite different than what the left will tell you. And the more you know, the more you will recognize that the left doesn't want to save lives or make us safer, they want to lie to get thier agenda, and the U.S. crime/murder rates is just another tool for them to mislead people on.
What is it about my mom?
Two of my Mom's neighbors committed suicide (1997), on two continents, within a year. She didn't aprpeciate my witty quip, "What is it about you that makes people want to end their life?" It was just a joke, but she didn't appreciate it. My brother and I were laughing our asses off. She did have that effect on people.


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