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Preconceived (usually unfavourable) evaluation of others based on some affiliation, taste or characteristic.

Preconceived (usually unfavorable) classification of another person based on that person's perceived political affiliation, sex, gender, beliefs, values, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, complexion, beauty, height, occupation, wealth, education, criminality, sport-team affiliation, music tastes or other personal characteristics.

One of the biggest differences between the left and right is the right does not believe that your sexuality, gender, color is an accomplishment.

Fake Hate[edit source]

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None of this is to diminish that there still is real hate in America. But it is rare, and often directed at the right, while here's a few dozen (hundreds) of examples of Faked hate for political gain. Since there's not enough real hate to keep leftism demand for change fed, the left commits Fake Hate to fill the gap (or for attention/reward).

Homophobia[edit source]

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Homophobia literally means the unreasonable fear towards all gay people. What it does not mean is what the left is trying to corrupt the term into: any dislike or prejudice of any homosexual person or policy. Someone not liking gay marriage, or having a problem with gay-promiscuity, does not automatically mean they're homophobic.

MeToo[edit source]

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MeToo/Gropegate is the lefts standard tool of accusing the political opposition of something so heinous they have to resign or are driven out (are cancelled). Dems had been hypocritically effective attacking Clarence Thomas while defending Kennedy/Clinton... but they made such a stink about it with Trump, that it backfired and started eating Democrats, Media and Hollywood alive., Me-too movement = a witchhunt of man-hating wokesters pretending to care about justice

Racism[edit source]

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Racism doesn't mean "anything I don't like". It means someone that thinks an entire race is inferior/superior. Not a culture. Not an individual. It's not just a personal attack or statistical observation. It's that someone believes in race, think that it is biologically important and that some races are better than others.

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia[edit source]

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Crybullies have abused words like Racism, Sexism, Homophobia from once having meaning and bite, to being things that idiot wokies call everything they disagree with, and thus having no meaning or bite. Statisical observation is racism or sexism. Supporting gays but not gay marriage is homophobia. Their words mean nothing any more.

Real Hate[edit source]

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This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have read or seen much about, as well as other various attacks that the media downplays because it's only against people that deserve it.

Sexism[edit source]

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Sexism is the idea of thinking one gender is superior (overall) to another. What it does not mean is what the left is trying to corrupt the term into: that pointing out there are physiological, psychological (behavioral) or biological differences between the genders, or is just toxic masculinity or trying to oppress Women.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

There are of course as many other 'isms' as there are special interests.

Ironically (or not so ironically), the left is winning the culture war to the detriment of our culture -- but the left will virtually never complain about 'isms that they use regularly against groups they don't approve of.

  • Bigotry against bigoted groups is still bigotry (an 'ism). So the left has a problem with White Supremacists (as do I)... but they will never admit that's bigotry.
  • Just as assuredly, they will not criticize or go after black, Latino or Asian supremacists or separatists, because they more often align with the far-left post-modern Marxist agendas of tearing down the status quo and the establishment. People that lean towards that hypocrisy or the superiority of that which is new (traditions, institutions, cultures), over that which is old/established, is also an 'ism.

You think liberals/left/democrats are morally superior to conservatives/Republicans, you prefer non-smokers to smokers, secularists over the religious, college-educated over farmers and tradesmen, gun controllers over gun owners, or a variety of left/right issues -- and you are as guilty of bias, bigotry or isms as those you accuse. And that's important to remember. If you aren't pure, then you don't get to wallow in the sanctimony in the moral high ground, and we all have a duty to point out their hypocrisy.


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