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The left's version of American Music is that blacks gave it to white America. That would imply blacks are racists.
The left's version of American Music is that blacks gave it to white America. That would imply blacks are all racists, and that while Whites artists borrowed from Black artists, black artists did none of that and remained pure influencers (and not influenced). In the real world, cultures influence back and forth, and that makes both sides better. Music in America is no different.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2024-02-04 

I hate imbalanced alternate reality/history.

One example is reading stuff about the history of Rock and Roll, Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop, Disco, etc. (Especially on places the left controls like Wikipedia).

The wokesters have intentionally perverted it to be Blacks gave this artform to Whites/America. Look at every genre and it'll say, "this started with blacks in X" and list early black artists, and ignore or diminish the whites or others that were as or more influential in mainstreaming it, or rarely dive into what blacks were inspired by (if it wasn't another black). But like all discoveries and evolution, the story is far more complex.

Where did Southern music come from? Scottish folk music, heck Soul was basically soul just Scots/Irish fold music as played by African Americans. So why does the left omit that? [1]

Did Rap/Hip Hop start "in the 1970s in the Bronx"? Just out of nowhere? If only a few club goers in black areas cared, it It would have died or remained as obscure as Bohemian poetry. And wasn't rap just putting putting bohemian poetry (from the 60s) to a disco beat?

Who brought it mainstream? Certainly RunDMC and LL CoolJ deserve credit for crossing over in the mid 80s, but you don't hear anything about Blondie, Wham and Beastie Boys that were far more influential at bringing in a broader audience in the same or earlier time frame. The same with Jazz or Rock and Roll. Blacks often took one style of music, or thing like work chants, put their own spin on it, and that influenced others to do the same, and the evolutions bounced back and forth. So Chuck Berry was a pioneer, but Elvis gave it a wider audience. It's a racist and ethnocentric PoV to pretend that blacks invented it all, evolved it from nothing and ignore where those influences came from, or how it was changed by whites along the way.

So while blacks were hugely influential and started some trends, the truth is that one artists rips off, and distorts, and puts their spin on it.. then another does the same back... and then the whole thing evolves between multiple people. All this stuff bounces back and forth, and pretending only one side counts, is racist/bigoted.

Pretending that only the black people's input counted, assumed that all blacks were racists/bigots. And I don't buy that. It says that while White Artists were willing to borrow from Black Musicians and put their own spins on it... that blacks artists were unwilling to learn anything from the White Artists that broke new ground, and thus black music remained uninfluenced and pure. (And thus deserves sole credit).

So do you think Black Musicians were all bigots? Or that American music genres were an amalgam of all the cultures and artists involved: white, black, latino and Asians?

Oh, and whites aren't a cohesive culture -- like Italian, Irish, Scottish, German, Native American, didn't have to cross over and influence each other? Everyone that touches an art, and influences any others in the future, got their fingerprints on it. And blacks are overrepresented in Music (and entertainment), but they are hardly exclusive to ANY genre. It would say negative things about them if they were.

The left is distorting history, like they did to pretend Cultural Appropriation is a bad thing, unless blacks did it (like stealing Viking braids), then it's revolutionary. But don't be a white guy with dreadlocks. When the truth is it's the cultural appropriation back and forth has helped all cultures grow and evolve. And isn't something to be horrified with, but celebrated.


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