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By :  Aristotle Sabouni
A wacky corporate culture, far left programming, some interesting shows, and some silly corporate policies/actions.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss $15/month goodbye. Netflix is a weird company, questionably run. Has some weird hits and misses in policies or PR, but some decent programming, with occasional leftist dogs. I'm not a "fan" of their policies or culture. More bemused observer watching the shit show.

Companies that build their brand on woke slacktivism (symbolic woke asshattery), deserve a little dose of eye-rolls and mocking. I prefer to keep my business and religions separate.

Corporate Culture[edit source]

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They have a slide deck (there was a video) when hired where they give you a pitcher of Grape Kool-aid, and see if you drink it. They put the cult in corporate culture.

I've known a lot of people that worked there for a while. They're hyper-aggressive alphas that say they have no politics, bureaucracy, or bullshit: just performance. And if you're below the top 5%, goodbye Felicia (you're gonna get fired). It's oxymoronic. You can't have aggressive stack ranking and NOT have people backstab or try to trip each other up, or NOT help others.

All companies have good teams and bad teams. While working there, they're all fanboys (or they're out). But I've talked to dozens after they left: and while they had some good experiences or friend, few have good things to say about the culture long term. I don't begrudge them that. But if you want things like work-life balance, longevity, institutional memory, or team members that aren't stressed and looking over their shoulders? Look somewhere else.

Woke[edit | edit source]

  • In the continuing war on language and common sense, Netflix has announced that they're so woke that they banned the term, "Chick Flick", because feminism or some such bullshit. [1]
  • Because North Carolina passed a common sense law that said no dicks in the girls bathrooms (unless someone has gone and got their gender changed at the DMV), Netflix decided to go woke-slacktivist and boycotted the state... while still doing business with far worse abusers (Middle East, China, etc). I don't care what side of the issue you're on, just leave reasonable people room to disagree. Sanctimonious and hypocritical douche (boycott) looks bad on everyone. [2]
  • 2018 - Their political donations were $190,592 (D) versus $1,350 (R). While they are in the Bay Area, that's not what intellectual diversity looks like. Facebook and Google are less biased. [3]
  • Benghazi Bullshitter - Susan Rice, was named to Netflix Board of Directors. Reed Hastings said he was “delighted to welcome”, Barack Obama's aide who blamed the murders of four Americans in Benghazi on an obscure YouTube video, knowing full well it had absolutely nothing to do with that. She also got involved in illegally spying and unmasking American citizens. The optics of the ASPCA putting Michael Vick on the board of directors. [4]
  • Fat Payola - Netflix gives ammatures Barack and Michelle Obama $65 million in a multi-year propaganda production deal as thanks for undermining America for 8 years. [5]
  • Netflix blames password sharing for it's losses (something that's been happening since they started). Raising prices, woke programming, lower content, more competition, bad UI, all offer better explanations. [6]

Shows[edit | edit source]

Baking Impossible (2021)
If you ever thought to yourself, I need to make a cake can be driven, or saw a drawbridge and thought, "I'd like to see a cake do that", and you want to see it in a competition reality show, then Baking Impossible is the show for you.
Cuties Netflix poster.jpg
The outrage got us to watch the Netflix show “Cuties“. It was played up as the poster film for kiddie porn. While I wouldn't recommend it (it wasn't very "good"), but it wasn't quite as bad as the hype either. Netflix may or may not be run by assholes, but compared to Pretty Baby, Lolita and things before it, it was pretty tame.
Dave Chapelle:The Closer
The last of 6 comedy specials done for Netflix. Chappelle is a comedian that has stood up to the woke mob and not capitulated to political correctness -- so they hate him. Reviewers trashed it, viewers loved it)


🔗 More[edit source]

Organizations that I felt the need to comment on (more often on the negs than the positives). But there's good/bad in all.
Woke Orgs
A list of all the Woke organizations that I've written on.

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